Local 674 Showcase

Ron Ireland - Handmade Music


Ron Ireland is a songwriter and performer based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. His style successfully mixes traditional, country, folk, blues, and gospel.  He was a shy and lonely kid until he found an old Silvertone guitar with three strings and taught himself to play. Ron's voice is a gentle, time-worn instrument, with hope and cynicism coexisting in every note. He is a fingerpicking-style guitarist with wide musical range.  An admirer of the guitar style John Fahey called "American Primitive", Ron calls his own style "American Clumsy." Ron says his songs feature “a touch of country, a little blues, a pinch of rockabilly, and some old fashioned finger picking folk songs.” He has performed for the Bland County Festival of Leaves, The Chautauqua Festival, The Abingdon Crooked Road Music Fest and the Blue Ridge Music Center (Member of the American Federation of Musicians Local 674).  

The Spanglers


 The Spanglers write and perform original music. The band recorded their first record, Restless, in 2015 after several years of deliberation. Written and arranged by Mark Spangler (songwriter/guitar), Josiah Spangler (percussion), and Evan Olds (bass); further refined by Jeremiah Hatfield (guitar) and William Clapham (organ); and recorded by Kenneth Clutter (sound engineer), the band’s first release showcases personal, thematic songs, dynamic textures, and a host of genres—blues, Americana, and psychedelic—to name a few. Restless also includes the talents of Hannah Spangler (backing vocals), Abby Reynolds (backing vocals), and Annie Stroud (violin). Restless is currently in post-production and will be released later this year.  

Treble 'n Bass


 Treble 'n Bass is a group of SATB vocalists who perform  pop and jazz vocal standards, inspirational, patriotic, and holiday songs. 

Treble 'n Bass just released their first-ever album entitled "Life's Harmonies." This collection of pop, swing, and patriotic SATB harmonies is available on CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon music. 

Preview of Life's Harmonies

The group was formed in 2014 by Dena Williams and is made up of very talented soprano, alto, tenor and bass vocalists. Treble 'n Bass is complemented by a 3 piece band of piano, bass, and drums. Performances have included Greenbrier Valley Theatre, the American Federation of Musicians annual summer meeting, the Greenbrier Valley Visitors Center, The Seasons, the Greenbrier County Library, and the National Guard Armory in Lewisburg, WV. The group is preparing to record their first album this summer.    

The West Virginia Jazz Orchestra


The West Virginia Jazz Orchestra is based in Lewisburg, WV and performs at the Greenbrier Valley Theatre in Lewisburg and other area venues. The West Virginia Jazz Orchestra is a 501(c)3 organization. Any donations to the WVJO are 100% tax deductible and would help us achieve our mission as a charitable, literary, and educational organization. If you would like to sponsor an activity; such as a concert in the park, a street festival, a nursing home performance, or a school event--- please contact us at 304-645-1870.